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How to Host the Perfect Party After You Remodel Your Home

Remodeling your home is a lot of work but can be so worth it in the end. One of the best parts of finishing a giant job like this one, is that you can throw a great big party to celebrate once it is finally over. I love to host events at my house so this could be a great way to do something I love while showing off something I am proud of. Of course, my husband played a big part in the remodeling of our home as well so I want to host a party that he can enjoy too. This means I need to be creative with how I plan this event. Lucky for me, I have plenty of experience with event planning so I thought maybe I could share some tips with you.

Choose a Day That Works for Everyone

One of the most frustrating things about attending a party is if you feel like you are obligated to attend even when if falls on a day that you are already busy. No one is going to have a good time if they are jam packing their weekend full of events so maybe considering hosting on an evening. This way people can come straight from work and it will feel like a relaxing treat at the end of the day instead of a commitment they have to meet during their valuable off time on the weekend.

Think About the Set Up

Just because you have remodeled your house to be functional and efficient for your everyday use, does not mean that it ready to hold thirty extra people and a snack table. Make sure you take the time to rearrange the place a little bit so there is room to move about freely. Organize extra seating or tables for people to rest their drink on if necessary. You want people to see all the wonderful modifications you have made for your home but you also want them to enjoy the time they are spending with there.

Dress the Part

You should not feel like you have to get dressed up all fancy at your big reveal party, because you really want the star of the show to be your home. I would recommend picking out something casual but cute from American Eagle. They tend to have some great sales and discounts around this time of year so make sure you check online before you shop in store.

Make Food a Priority

I know I just said that your home should be the star of the show but please do not forget that people love food. Anytime I am at a party that only has drinks and no food I think about how carelessly the event must have been thrown. You also want to make sure that people don’t get to drunk and spill something on your beautiful new flooring. You can find plenty of inspiration online for great party food if you are struggling with ideas.